We simply love travelling; there is something exciting in experiencing new and already familiar locations, diving into the history of a bygone culture, seeing different cultures made alive in front of your eyes, and so on.

Our travelsection is divided based on our journeys to different locations around the globe. We have also included a year of the travel in our journeys, so that it allows you some inkling that some of the facts and figures might not be up to date. Especially if a trip was done in 2015 and you are reading this in 2019.

Being Ecological When Travelling?

Travelling, of course, means that you increase your CO2 footprint, but it is not always important to travel far. There are plenty of hidden gems hidden basically in your own backyard, which you should also remember to explore and experience. Besides, travelling locally usually saves you some of that hard earned money.

And please, please, do remember to recycle. This is especially important when you travel in the nature or on a seaside resort to name a few places. What ever items you take with you, remember to take them back home with you. And it is also a good practise that you pick up your rubbish and three more things to take to the nearest bin – where ever you go.