Living Abroad

The Two Queens do not only travel. We also aspire to better our quality of life, by searching our dream destination to set up roots. This far we have lived in places such as Finland, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Malaysia.

As we have experienced both the hardships and the good sides of moving countries, we have decided to set up a new part for our site: Living Abroad. It is our intention to assist you to avoid pitfalls and make the transition from your old country to your new life an enjoyable one.

As moving countries is a huge, and stressful undertaking, you need to prepare yourself for it – and prepare well. Relocation usually is something that you have planned for a longer time, which allows you to consider all the sides of the move before actually packing up your home to few boxes and shipping them to your new country. Sometimes, especially when it comes to work-related matters, the move might take place in considerably shorter period of time, and then the best advice is to keep yourself calm and try to find out as many tips as possible.

But as it is always, we can offer advice from our viewpoint only, and it is up to you to make sure that the advise is valid for you and your situation.