The Two Queens themselves are a family of two chefs (and a dog), thus making food and the culinary arts as one of our keen interests.

After watching many a cooking show (America’s Worst Cooks is one of our all time favourite, by the way – and chef Anne Burrell is just fab), I’ve always wondered about the strange “aah” and “ooh” sounds the chefs make when tasting the dishes.

I had my “ooh” and “aah” moment in a street hawker stall at Jonker street night market in Melaka, Malaysia when I got a plate of Nyonya Laksa in front of me. At that moment I realised that food is definitely something that needs to speak to you in so many different levels.

It is easy to have food for sustenance during your lunch break and not think of it, but when your spouse spends several hours in the kitchen, and you can smell the spices and everything that goes into the pot… it is close to divinity.